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Leftovers Vol. I – Motion

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All I wanted to do was to put some Fleetwood Mac onto my iPhone. But I didn’t have enough space. So iTunes told me to delete some photos. So I go into iPhoto to get rid of all the photos on my phone. 6 hours later I made this video. Still no Fleetwood Mac.



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Football died a few weeks ago when the Champions League final ended and with the utmost unpredictability fortune fell into the bloodied and worthless hands of Chelsea Football Scum. However, whilst its corpse turns slowly in its shallow grave ready to rear its grip upon us at Euro 2012 we should remind ourselves of those great moments when balls have bulged in the back of the net and players have celebrated by somersault kicking the head off a storm trooper

Some guy talks to a goat and some people answer questions DUMBLY on tv show

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God I’m lazy. So very lazy. No posts in a while and all I can muster are a view videos from youtube. Damn. Here are some videos of a man talking to an ibex goat and funny answers from an American TV show I’ve never watched. God.




The Weeknd better watch out….

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Will Antoine Dodson’s NEW SINGLE do? Probs. I don’t know. Probs. innit.



Oh Yeah. Just in case you missed it a cat crept onto the Anfield pitch last night. Hide yo’ cats, hide yo wife.


The nature of wild and flying balls

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What’s the point of going pitch side with pre-match ambling ey? What’s the flaming point? Sure you’re closer to the crowd, you can smell the freshly cut grass and you might catch a glimpse of a random child trying to hit the cross-bar in an impressively difficult challenge for a 4 year old, but what’s the bleeding point? Well in my mind the only good reason for going pitch-side is th…WATCHOUTTHERE’SAFUCKINGBALLFLYINGTOWARDSYOURFACE





And just for shits and gigs here’s a furiously thrashing Rio Ferdinand. That old granny got merked. #stayonyourfeet




The Best of Kicks

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Whilst current global news offers an unrelenting stream of shitly depressing economic meltdowns and political vetos let’s just take the time here to honour some wonderful footwork from a bunch of little tykes learning the art of Taekwondo.

Admittedly watching a bunch of asian kids battling it out won’t solve all the worlds problems, nor is there a legitimate link between depressing news stories and this video but fuck it. BUTT FUCK IT. Just watch and enjoy.


And of course the obligatory riverdance remix