Remember a little while ago when we got our camera working? Yeah we’ve done fuck all with it. It’s sat in a box with a fully charged battery looking all shiny. We’ve thought of a ton of SIDESPLITTING ideas aswell. But if you know us personally, you’ll understand that we forget those by morning. On top of that, sometimes its like, fuck actually getting things done, you know? It’s long.

On the contrary, Hardwood Boulevard get shit done. The white shirt/black curtain juxtaposition at the one minute mark is executed to perfection. Whoever styled this video shoot went ham. The writing highlights an often felt yet all too rarely expressed facet of the human experience, ‘Emotion’, and evokes the beautiful simplicity and personal resonance of Biz Markie’s ‘Just A Friend’ chorus. It makes Frank Ocean’s album sound like Dane Bowers in real life.

Press play and get ready to feel.


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