It’s The First Of The Mooooonth

Technically speaking, I hate pugs. Not technical at all really. But they’re all fucked up. Luxating patella, elongated soft palate. DON’T GET ME STARTED MATE. THEY’RE JUST LITTLE UGLY MASSIVE VET BILLS. They’re still dogs, so I like them more than most of you, but they are weird cuzzy.

Another thing I like more than most (all) of you is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. And the video for 1st Ov Da Munth. This video is so serious. Crystal balls. Flaming third eyes. Barbeques.

Summer banger for like 17 years or some shit.

So when you put little mutant pig dogs in one of the greatest videos of all time, on paper, I tell you to go suk ur mum. Luckily some twee babes didn’t ask what I thought and just fucking did it.

Flaming third eyes and everything. For looking into your soul and that.


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