Bid My Blood To Run

We’ve all been there.

Probably not trying to tackle small hills, but like making a sandwich when you’re drunk, when you just want to get it done and the fucking knife is doing all sorts and you end up buttering your hand or there aren’t even any clean knives so you go at the butter with the fork and it’s a fucking mission or you just forget to put what was gonna go inside the sandwich, inside the sandwich. Or you get wild with hot sauce when you know you cant even hack a Zinger Tower, and now you’re standing by the sink crying like a massive pussy at 4am. And now you’re fucking stressing, cos all you want is a cheeky bite to eat before bedtime. Not even hungry you just want it.

Chances are this guy doesn’t even live up that hill. It’s a bit depressing if you dwell on it. All things considered this is hilarious. Probably because Evanescence are real. Or maybe because I thought he’d get up when the chorus started but he was like ‘naaaah in a sec bruv’. Or because he sat down in the first place, as if taking a break would sort it all out.

We’ve all been there.


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