Black and Yellow: YELLOW

Everyone who reads this knows we’re funny as shit even though none of the funny shit we post is actually by us. BUT not everyone who reads this actually knows us. We get hits worldwide these days, looking for all sorts of types of stuff. My inner turmoil quietens and my handsome Tyrese-like smile beams when I find out some kid in Denmark found us when he googled ‘fucking wheelies’, or that your uncle in New Zealand really wanted to find out what a ‘crispy tiger’ was but found this bullshit. Stokes me the fuck out seriously.

So yeah whatever. This is kinda what ‘nwybf’ looks like. And thinks like.

I’ll let NWYBF (that stands for never wipe your balls first btw) find a beautiful gif of my doppelganger in his own time, but for now just imagine this picture was moving.


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