Leftovers Vol. I – Motion

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All I wanted to do was to put some Fleetwood Mac onto my iPhone. But I didn’t have enough space. So iTunes told me to delete some photos. So I go into iPhoto to get rid of all the photos on my phone. 6 hours later I made this video. Still no Fleetwood Mac.


Green Eyes Gon’ Miss Ya

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Me tonight.

The Funniest Thing I Said To Myself Today #1

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because sometimes im so jokes i dont even get what im saying



you’re welcome. crispydecisions ©  2013

Scotty Stays In (In Honour of Words and Obsessions), by Jared Averil Tanna

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Transfer deadline day is important to Scotty

He’s a football fan. He loves football. He loves all the players. He loves the money. He loves his tv. He loves his dodgy sky connection (he doesn’t think it’s dodgy)


Jim White beams from the box

The girls are looking fit and all

Breaking news! breaking news! breaking news!


It’s Dotty’s 8th TDD

she’s well prepared

TDD no. 1 was a bit of a joke

‘It was all tea and no crumpet’ as Scotty would say


Iceland did those 40 in a pack things

So Scotty’s got 120 to eat today

A big ask if you ask me (you don’t have to, you can’t anyway, I don’t exist)

Chipsticks and cheese puffs were pre  splayed last night too

Miniature heroes (a tin), plastic unfurled, lid popped open



Bhajis and chicken pops and wedges and waffles

Bobbling onto a mural of three conjoined legends

Shearer: raised right arm hefty, legs fading into a blank space

Mcmanaman  (Coming from shearer’s hip ) golden locks hiding half a gawping dribbling face

Finally Batty reaching out from behind Macca’s crack

Tracking his man back with the knack of kojak

Less tiki taka

More chicken tikka


“I reckon this could go all night”, Scotty’s outstretched neck turns toward the kitchen

“They’ll av anyone them!” shouting aimlessly now

“He ain’t worfit, he ain’t worfit… he aint worfnuffink!” bits of pastry fall from his chin


If you asked him, he’d probably say it isn’t

But the look in his eyes tells us it’s better than Christmas



Jared Averil Tanna, 2013

Thanks Greece

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Thanks a lot.

Bang, Bang, Bang

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The BasedGod Clone Emerged

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I wasn’t ready for this.